Classic Texture Overview

Have you ever walked across a comfortable and safe pool deck in your lifetime? If so, it was more than likely the Sundek CLASSIC texture, the decorative concrete application that assisted in launching the decorative concrete industry. There are many effects and custom effects that can be achieved in combination with Sundek Classic Texture to enhance any project.


The SUNDEK CLASSIC Texture is the decorative concrete application that helped launch an industry. If you’ve ever walked across a textured pool deck in your lifetime and it was comfortable and safe, the chances are great that it was SUNDEK. CLASSIC Texture can be combined with Custom Scoreline, Masonry effects, Aggregate Effects, TUSCAN and all other applications to enhance your project.


Features and benefits: SUNDEK’s Classic Texture is the original spray texture overlay system. CLASSIC texture is widely accepted by architects, major commercial properties, military installations and homeowners due to some of the following benefits:




• Slip-resistant texture insures a safe environment under all types of conditions.


• The non-porous acrylic finish coat keeps dirt, oils & chemicals from penetrating the coating resulting in reduced time and money spent on maintenance.


• The varying degrees of texture in the CLASSIC system produce a comfortable walking surface to the bare foot…cooler than concrete, brick or tile.


• One of the most economical & durable decorative concrete coatings available.


• 3-5 step process allows for a variety of design effects while providing a consistent chemical bond with the concrete and each step applied.


Where to use it: CLASSIC texture is ideal for:

• Pool Deck Surrounds


• Patios


• Driveways


• Walkways


• Horizontal & Vertical


• Commercial & Residential



How it’s done: SUNDEK CLASSIC texture is an acrylic water-base spray texture system that is sprayed onto a surface and then “knocked” down with a trowel’s edge. This process creates a texture that is slip resistant and comfortable to walk on. Once the texture has dried, an acrylic finish coat is sprayed in 2 coats that provide the final color and layer of protection. Design templates can be added to create the look of brick, tile, stone, tile or custom graphics. Additional effects such as Custom Scoreline (incorporating existing cracks into a custom pattern) or Aggregate Effects (multiple acrylic colors applied to the surface) can be added to help camouflage the elements.

Classic Texture Overview

Sunstone is the ultimate architectural limestone concrete coating. No need to deal with the mess and expense of tearing out concrete when you can get results with a product that looks and feels this authentic. A product so unique, it can be applied over a wide array of surfaces: concrete, brick, walls, foam, sheet rock, cinder block, hardiboard, stucco, pre-cast moldings, and much more… transforming ordinary surfaces into something exquisite! Now you can enjoy the look and feel of real quarried stone without the investment of real limestone!


Features and benefits: Sunstone is an architectural limestone concrete coating that produces a unique natural appearance. Like all of our systems, Sunstone eliminates the need to tear out and re-pour concrete reducing costs as well as the inconveniences associated with removal. Sunstone can be applied over a many different surfaces including concrete, brick, walls, foam, drywall, cinder block, hardibacker, stucco, pre-cast moldings, and much more… You can change the look of surfaces into a new updated designer finish. Sunstone allows you to get the look and feel of real quarried stone without the investment.


Where to use it: Use it wherever you want to have natural limestone coatings. Some of the most common installations include:

• Pool Deck surrounds


• Patios


• Driveways


• Entryways


• Planters


• Retaining Walls


• …and almost anywhere you want it!




How it’s done: Sunstone is installed only by SUNDEK trained artisans by trowel over the existing surface. Custom textures are achieved based on the desired look by the skilled SUNDEK crew. As it is drying, an optional design can be hand-carved into the Sunstone to create travertine, flagstone, slate, tile or a custom pattern. The combination of custom carving mixed with oxides & stains for coloring options creates the most authentic looking decorative concrete on the market today.





SunEpoxy Overview

SunEpoxy flooring is a combination of low viscosity, 100% solids, epoxy resin that can also be broadcasted with different types of chips and aggregate filler. These materials form a seamless, monolithic flooring system suitable for many heavy use areas. Broadcast aggregate is usually 20 – 30 mesh silica, Monterey type sand or decorative color quartz. Chips may be sized at 1/8″, 1/4″, or 1/2″ to give the look of terrazzo. Double broadcast floors usually achieve a somewhat more uniform appearance and are the floors of choice for commercial applications where aesthetics is an important consideration. Surface texture can be varied from aggressively slip- resistant for wet areas such as showers and food preparation areas to an “orange peel” mopable texture suitable for offices, hallways or laboratories.





Where to use it: CLASSIC texture is ideal for:

• Seamless, monolithic floor


• Low odor


• Low volatile organics (VOC)


• Withstands a wide range of elements including oils, fats and even red wine!


• Wide range of chemical, abrasion & impact resistance


• Wide array of economical resinous flooring options





Where to use it: SunEpoxy can be varied from aggressively slip-resistant for wet areas such as showers & food preparation areas to an orange peel texture suitable for offices, hallways or laboratories.


How it’s done: All coats of SunEpoxy can be applied by brush or roller. Once the first bond coat is applied, an optional seeding of chips or quartz beads can be added to provide a slip resistant as well as decorative seamless floor solution.













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